This menu was designed to make our kitchen waste free.
Chef has utilized everything from the skins, tops, stems, and rinds to chickie2enhance our menu while being conscious of our waste.



two eggs  house potatoes/ toast  7.5
breakfast quesadilla  one egg fried/ goat cheese/ kabocha squash/ chihuahua cheese/ spinach/ cupola cheese/ corn tortilla/ greens/ lemon dressing/ cilantro sour cream/ salsa  11.5  veg/gf
sweet potato omelet  smoked beans/ caramelized onions/ arbol pepper cheese/ house potatoes/ toast  12.5  veg/gf
roasted cauliflower omelet  cheddar garlic cream cheese/ kale/ brussels sprouts/ caramelized apples/ mixed greens/ pear & tarragon vinaigrette/ toast  12.5  veg/gf
pan fried polenta  two eggs scrambled/ aged cheddar/ poblano cream/ roasted sweet potatoes/ parmesan/ pepitas  13.5  veg
chilaquiles  two eggs over medium/ chipotle tomatillo salsa/ fried corn tortillas/ grilled citrus onion/ pulled pork/ chihuahua cheese/ cilantro sour cream/ house potatoes  14  gf
mushroom & beet benedict  two eggs poached/ fennel/ lemon/ dried cranberries/ poblano pepper hollandaise/ house potatoes  12  veg/gf
caramelized pork belly benedict  two eggs poached/ grilled pita/ gouda/ parsley/ red chile vinaigrette/ house potatoes  14  gf
steak & eggs  two eggs poached/ crimini mushroom/ grilled onions/ porter steak sauce/ Kenny’s swiss cheese/ hollandaise/ house potatoes/ toast  20  gf



two buttermilk cakes  butter/ 100% maple syrup  7.5  veg
gluten free cakes  butter/ 100% maple syrup  8  veg/gf
sweet potato cakes  honey/ sweet cream/ black tea ricotta/ pecan butter  12  veg/gf
fried french toast  cherry cream cheese/ sage crème anglaise/ sweet pickled cherries/ cinnamon sugar  12  veg
baked oatmeal  vanilla/ caramelized sugar/ house dried fruits  8  veg


kids  (12 & under)

one egg  house potatoes/ toast  4  veg
small pancakes  butter/ 100% maple syrup  5  veg
Katie’s chicken fingers  herb fries  7  gf
lil Range burger  grass-fed beef/ Red Barn aged white cheddar/ herb fries  7.5


celeriac soup  caramelized apples/ lemon oil  5.5  veg/gf
sweet potato soup  rosemary cream/ roasted cauliflower  5.5 veg/gf
spinach salad  pickled cranberries/ fennel/ smoked apples/ Big Ed’s gouda/ sorrel/ pear & tarragon vinaigrette  11  veg/gf
simple greens  any dressing  6
veggie burger  beets/ black beans/ carrot/ Slow Jams sweet pepper jam/ spinach/ roasted garlic aioli/ toasted bun/ mixed greens/ pear & tarragon vinaigrette  12  veg
turkey sandwich  bacon/ fried duck egg/ apple cranberry jam/ blue cheese/ onion/ toasted cranberry multigrain/ herb fries  12.5
Range burger  grass fed beef/ bacon/ Red Barn aged white cheddar/ grilled onions/ house pickles/ Letherbee Fernet sauce/ toasted bun/ herb fries  14.5

sub egg whites  2
one egg  2.5
one duck egg  2.75
house potatoes  2.5  veg/gf
house fennel pepper pork sausage  4  gf
jalapeño pork sausage  4  gf
bacon  4  gf
seasonal fruit plate  4.5
toast  2
100% maple syrup  1.5
herb fries  aioli  4  veg/gf
bacon fat fries  aioli  5  gf
add chicken to any salad  4


La Colombe – Corsica blend coffee  3.75
La Colombe – Pure Black cold press coffee  4
La Colombe – Draft Latte with: milk & cold pressed espresso  4
MI Seedling Cider – served cold  4
MI Seedling Cider with cloves – served hot  7
Kilgus Farms milk   2.5
Rishi Tea  hot or iced  2.5
soda pop  2.5
house rosemary lemonade  3
fresh squeezed orange juice  3.5
fresh squeezed grapefruit juice  3.5
Butchertown Ginger Beer  5.5
carafe of fresh OJ or grapefruit  11


Brunch Cocktails
beer-mosa  12oz Off Color Troublesome Gose/ fresh oj  8
bloody mary  Journeyman Red Arrow Vodka/ Gamle Ode Dill Aquavit/ house-made mix/ bacon dust rim  10
– make it a Fumato Maria with Marca Negra Mezcal  +2
– with a beer back  +2
MI-mosa  fresh oj/ M. Lawrence Green  10
belini  peach nectar/ M. Lawrence Green  10
screwdriver / greyhound  fresh oj -or- grapefruit/ Journeyman Red Arrow Vodka 10
madam mim  Journeyman Red Arrow Vodka/lemon/ honey/Creme de Violette/ lavender sugar/ Pur Elderflower liqueur  11