Our menus are designed to make our kitchen waste free.
Chef has utilized everything from the skins, tops, stems, and rinds to enhance our menu while being conscious of our waste.

bar snacks
buffalo cauliflower
 buttermilk blue cheese sauce  6  veg
corn & ramp fritters  cilantro/ pickled egg aioli  6  veg

tomato & oatmeal  smoked tomato/ cilantro sour cream  6  veg/gf
spring vegetable  carrot/ sweet pea/ potato/ lemon/ pea shoots/ spinach/micro-greens  6 veg/gf

beet tostadas  black beans/ cilantro pesto/ parsley/ feta cheese/ chipotle sour cream/ olive oil  9  veg/gf
bacon flatbread  caramelized pepper bacon/ WI buttermilk blue cheese/ olive oil/ brussels sprouts/ peanuts  12
beet & potato flatbread  spinach goat cheese/ caramelized onion/ pickled mustard seed/ parmesan/ herbs/ micro-greens  12  veg
lamb hand pies  smoked carrot & mustard sauce/ pea shoots/ poached egg/ kale stem relish  12
ribs  fermented pineapple & guajillo sauce/ red potato/ parsley/ honey & jalapeño butter  15  gf
Range platter  asiago cheese spread/ Kentucky rose cheese/ boldog salami/ fried cheese curds/ la mancha moo/ house apple & jalapeño jam/ prosciutto/ 5 yr cheddar/ shakerag blue cheese/ fresh apples/ old Kentucky tomme/ house raisins/ baguette toast  20

 shaved brussels sprouts/ house raisins/ roasted cauliflower/ garlic & parmesan croutons/ honey & chamomile vinaigrette  11.5  veg
mixed greens  pickled carrots/ tomato/ feta cheese/ pepitas/ maple & cinnamon toasted almonds/ oregano & red wine vinaigrette  11.5  veg/gf
kale  black beans/ roasted apples/ marinated beets/ micro-radish/ cupola cheese/ roasted shallot cream dressing  11.5  veg/gf
simple greens  any dressing  7  veg/gf

veggie burge
r  black bean/ carrot/ oyster mushroom/ lettuce/ pickled carrot/ mustard seeds/ herb aioli/ toasted bun/ mixed greens/ oregano & red wine vinaigrette  12.5  veg
chicken sandwich  oregano cream/ house cucumber giardiniera/ honey & ramp butter/ greens/ toasted ciabatta bun/ herb fries  12.5
turkey sandwich  house bacon/ fried duck egg/ Chuy’s apple butter/ blue cheese/ onion/ toasted cranberry multigrain/ herb fries  12.5

Range burger
 grass fed beef/ house bacon/ Red Barn aged white cheddar/ grilled onions/ house pickles/ Letherbee Fernet sauce/ toasted bun/ herb fries  15
veggie meatloaf  pumpkin seed/ lentils/ split pea/ oatmeal/ black bean puree/ poached egg/ portobello mushroom/ beet coulis  17  veg/gf
roasted ½ chicken  spinach & horseradish potato puree/ roasted cauliflower/ house raisins/ sweet pea gravy  24  gf
hanger steak  cheddar & ramp sauce/ fried fingerling potatoes/ spinach/ caramelized onion sour cream/ herb butter  26  gf
grilled pork chop  Journeyman maple glaze/ rye corn bread pudding/ roasted garlic potato puree/ butter/ pea shoots  26

kids (under 12)
Katie’s chicken fingers herb fries  7  gf
lil Range burger  grass fed beef/ Red Barn aged white cheddar/ bun/ fries  7.5
mac & cheese  8  gf

herb fries  aioli  4  veg/gf
bacon fat fries  aioli  5  gf
market vegetables  6  veg
mac & cheese  garlic herb croutons  8  veg/gf
add chicken to any salad  4

La Colombe – Monaco blend coffee  3.75
La Colombe – Pure Black cold press coffee  4
La Colombe – Draft Latte with: milk & cold pressed espresso  4
Kilgus Farms milk  2.5
Rishi Tea  hot or iced  2.5
soda pop  2.5
house rosemary lemonade  3
Butchertown Ginger Beer  5.5



eclair  caramelized milk/ orange pastry cream/ chantilly cream/ pecan brittle  6  veg
double chocolate cake  chocolate mousse/ mocha whipped cream  6  veg
apple tarte  caramelized apples/ pie crust/ sable cookie/ vanilla bean ice cream  6  veg

dessert flight  all three  15