Our menus are designed to make our kitchen waste free.
Chef has utilized everything from the skins, tops, stems, and rinds to enhance our menu while being conscious of our waste.


Range . DINNER

Monday-Sunday starting at 4pm



BUFFALO BUTTER CAULIFLOWER  .  buttermilk blue cheese sauce  6  veg
BUTTERNUT SMOKED FISH FINGERS  .  potato chip breading/ lemon parmesan sauce/ cilantro  6  gf


PUMPKIN & LENTIL SOUP  .  parsley/ fried cheese curd  6  veg/gf
BUTTERNUT SQUASH & KALE SOUP  .  crispy kale/ cherry bomb oil  6  veg/gf

BEET TOSTADAS  .  black beans/ cilantro pesto/ cabbage & oregano slaw/ parmesan/ chipotle sour cream/ olive oil  9  veg/gf
BEEF SHORT RIBS  .  spiced pumpkin sauce/ fermented apple & pepper sauce/ seasoned fried potatoes/ cipollini onions/ micro radish  11  gf
BACON FLATBREAD  .  caramelized pepper bacon/ WI buttermilk blue cheese/ olive oil/ brussels sprouts/ peanuts  12
EGGPLANT & SWEET POTATO FLATBREAD  .  sweet & sour eggplant/ whipped feta cheese/ sweet potato/marinated eggplant/ herbs/ parsley/ Old Kentucky Tomme  12  veg
GRILLED PORK COLLAR  .  herb roti/ red kuri squash/ marinated pears/ potatoes/ orange sauce/ horseradish cream/ cilantro  12

Range PLATTER  .  Mont St. Francis cheese – Capriole (IN)/ smoked cheddar – Shelburne (VT)/ Rust Belt saucisson Smoking Goose (IN)/ marinated goat cheese – LaClare (MI)/ duck prosciutto – Smoking Goose (IN)/ 5yr cheddar – Red Barn Family Farms (WI)/Lilly Rose cheese – Evergreen Lane (MI)/ capocollo salame – Smoking Goose (IN)/ Kentucky blue cheese – Kenny‚Äôs Farmhouse (KY)/ Coppinger cheese – Sequatchie Creamery (TN)/ pickled green beans/  baguette toast – Hewn (IL)  23

SPINACH SALAD  .  arugula/ dehydrated cranberries/ red kuri squash/ farmers cheese/ fennel/ orange-anise pecans/ pumpkin & carrot vinaigrette  11.5  veg/gf
MIXED GREENS SALAD  .  pickled pear/ red onion/ cabbage/ lemon croutons/ marinated beets/ sunflower shoots/ plum & dill vinaigrette  11.5  veg
KALE SALAD  .  celery root/ apples/ dried plums/ parmesan cheese/ pepitas/carrot chips/ balsamic & pear vinaigrette  11.5  veg/gf
SIMPLE GREENS  .  any dressing  7  veg/gf

VEGGIE BURGER  .  black beans/ beets/ carrots/ oats/ pumpkin/ pepitas/ onions/ arugula aioli/ toasted bun/ mixed greens/ plum & dill vinaigrette  12.5
CHICKEN SANDWICH  .  grilled cabbage/ Dancing Fern cheese/ pickled green beans/ capacollo salami/ parmesan-garlic bread/ house mustard/ herb fries  12.5
TURKEY SANDWICH  .  house bacon/ over medium duck egg/ cranberry-cipollini onion jam/ blue cheese/ apples/ toasted cranberry multigrain/ herb fries  12.5


Range BURGER  .  grass fed beef/ house bacon/ Red Barn aged white cheddar/ grilled onions/ house pickles/ smoked garlic aioli/ toasted bun/ herb fries  15
STUFFED ACORN SQUASH  .  egg whites/ smoked beans/ white cheddar/ shallots/ peppers/ dried plums/ ginger green beans/ fennel/ sunchoke sauce/ sunflower shoots  16  veg/gf
ROASTED HALF CHICKEN  .  sweet potato polenta/ spinach & ginger/ tarragon & plum glaze/ herbs/ roasted potato  26  gf
HANGER STEAK  .  cauliflower & cheddar puree/ garlic parmesan fingerling potatoes/ sauteed spinach & kale/ dill & mustard butter  27  gf
PORK CHOP  .  mashed rutabaga/ fennel/ apple/ sweet potatoes/ brussels sprouts/ cider reduction  27  gf


Katie’s CHICKEN FINGERS  .  herb fries  7  gf
LIL Range BURGER  .  grass fed beef/ Red Barn aged white cheddar/ bun/ fries  7.5
MAC & CHEESE  .  8  gf


 aioli  4  veg/gf
BACON FAT FRIES  .  aioli  5  gf
MARKET VEGGIES  .   7  veg/gf
MAC & CHEESE  .  garlic herb croutons  8  veg/gf

add chicken to any salad  4
sub any salad for fries 3.5


Monaco blend -OR- Monte Carlo Decaf  3.75
Pure Black cold press  4
Draft Latte with: milk & cold pressed espresso  4

RISHI TEA  hot or iced  2.5



DESSERT (new starting 9/30/17!)

BUTTERNUT TURON  .  brown sugar/ corn ice cream  7  veg
PUMPKIN FLAN  .  maple whipped cream/ bourbon glaze  7  veg/gf
ALMOND CAKE  .  drunken cherries/ sour cream  7  veg

DESSERT FLIGHT  .  all three  16