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HOPEWELL – Lightbeam / IPA / Chicago, IL / 5.5  abv / 12oz / 7

Lightbeam is a Hazy IPA that radiates the full spectrum of modern hop eccentricities. An initial burst swells with the essence of ripe mango, papaya and apricot, while reverberant threads of green grass and prickly pine tether its final form. Here’s to a bright spot.

HOPEWELL – HELLES LAGER / Chicago, IL / 4.8  abv / 16oz / 7

Early Retirement is a Light Lager brewed with sudachi, a lively green citrus of Japanese origin. Its vibrant, singular character offers notes of tart yuzu-lime, crushed peppercorn and fresh pine—an enticing pairing for this easy-drinking lager. Brewed in collaboration with Cruz Blanca Brewery.

CRUZ BLANCA – MEXICO CALLING / LAGER / Chicago, IL/ 4.7  abv / 16oz / 7

A classic Vienna lager, brought to Mexico by Austrian immigrants in
the mid-1800s, is an essential part of Mexico’s cerveza culture. With its signature amber color and subtle hints of toasted malt and honey

WHINER – LE TUB  / SAISON / Chicago, IL / 12oz / 6.4 abv/ 8

A malty and robust Doppelbock Lager brewed with rich malts and noble hops.
Expect warming notes of dark fruit and hoppy spice, and a finish with hints”
of toasted bread and toffee. A perfect beer to pair with a hearty winter meal.

BEGYLE  – DICEY RILEY / IRISH RED ALE / Chicago, IL / 5 abv / 16oz / 7

An Irish Red Ale brewed in Chicago. Drink local.

HOPEWELL – CLOVER CLUB  / SOUR / Chicago, IL / 6.2 abv / 12oz/ 7

A Sour Ale brewed with raspberry and a blend of five botanicals. Fruity, citrusy and herbaceous with a vibrant, spritzy tartness


A soaring wave of lush ripe peach, elevated by a naturally tart finish. A thirst-quenching declaration for when you want to amplify your voice.

HOPEWELL – RUN IT BACK BLACK / IPA / Chicago, IL / 7.0 abv/ 12oz/ 7

Run It Back is a Black IPA that pairs a dark and chocolatey malt base with an expressive array of hops from the Pacific Northwest. Layered and complex with notes of chocolate-covered orange, grapefruit and bittersweet cocoa. Finishes spicy and dry, with vague recollections of 2011


(FOR DINE IN – all bottles & cans served a 12 ounce tulip unless indicated

5 LIZZARD . WITBIER. 5 Rabbit/ Chicago, IL / 4.3 abv/ 12oz/ 6

5 Lizard is a creamy and refreshing wheat beer, lightly spicy, with the tangy fruitiness of passionfruit for a fun and lively personality. Start with a classic Belgian witbier brewed with malt, wheat and oats, changing it up with carefully chosen coriander and fresh lime peel instead of the traditional bitter orange. Passionfruit purée is added to the fermenters for a delicious and slightly exotic flavor. It is low in alcohol, super-refreshing and sophisticated all at the same time.

BASEMENT PARTY . AMERICAN LAGER. Temperance / Evanston, IL/ 6.8 abv/ 12oz/ 5

Like the best basement parties, this lager is uncomplicated, unfiltered, and down for whatever. Easy-drinking and exceedingly refreshing, Basement Party takes us back to when anything could happen.

SON OF JUICE . IPA . Maplewood / Chicago, IL / 6.3 abv/ 16oz/ 7

Bursting with notes of tropical fruit, Son of Juice features loads of Mosaic, Mosaic Cryo, Simcoe, Simcoe Cryo, and Nugget hops

HOPEWELL . First Pils / Pilsner / Chicago, IL/ 5.1 abv / 16oz / 7

The first beer ever brewed by Hopewell! A Pilsner-style Lager with a bready malt profile and a snappy noble hop finish. Tastes great anytime — but best with friends.

OFF COLOR. Farmhouse Ale Saison . Apex Predator / Chicago, IL / 6.5 abv/ 16oz/ 7

Apex Predator Farmhouse Ale. Saisons are the hoppiest of the Belgian beers and Apex Predator is no exception. But beers with a pronounced hop profile don’t have to be defined by it. With a fragrant juicy fruit aroma, dry finish, and a hint of honey, Apex Predator has many distinct layers.

Finch Beer Company . Sour Ale. Tacocat / Chicago, IL/ 5 abv/ 12oz/ 5

An American kettle sour in addition to a palindrome. Hazy in color, this wheat forward session sour has a nice citrus aroma, is mildly tart, and has pleasant notes of peach, tangerine, and white grapes. A refreshing ale!

Overgrown Orchard . Dry Cider . Gris Gris / Gary, IN/ 6.8 abv/ 16oz/ 14

Made from a blend of heirloom cider apples, including Cox’s Orange Pippin, Esopus Spitzenburg, and Hyslop Crab. Wild fermented with indigenous yeast. Aged for 12 months in a mix of Calvados and Chardonnay barrels.

Old Stock Ale – North Coast Brewing .  OLD ALE / Fort Bragg, CA / 11.9 abv / 22oz / 25
Served at room temperature! An Old Ale whose release benefitted Otsuchi, Japan. When the 2011 tsunami struck northern Japan, Otsuchi was one of the hardest hit communities, & this charming 800-year-old city was leveled with an unimaginable loss of life & property. North Coast Brewing donated a portion of the profits of every bottle sold to tsunami recovery efforts.